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Yealink Zoom Room Kit CP960-UVC80


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This is truly an all-in-one kit that contains everything for a large conference room Zoom Room. All you need is a TV or two. It comes with the ability to handle dual screens which is a great feature. Yealink really thought this through down to the level of what PC and how that PC is mounted and what version of Windows is needed. For rooms up to 24 people, this kit really delivers with wireless mics that assist the main mic and speakerphone setup. For all but the largest conference rooms, this provides excellent coverage. 

But how is this truly different? We design and install a lot of AV systems and our specialty is video conference systems. The biggest expense in these rooms other than AV hardware is the hole in the floor and the associated floor hardware also known as a core drill and floor box. Often just to have the hole, hardware and conduit for a single room, the cost is $5000+. Yealink makes this a lot easier because the only thing needed in the table is a single PoE cable. While a core drill may be needed, it can be a far smaller and cheaper one that is part of the main low voltage wiring. The speakerphone included with this kit is 100% IP and PoE. No HDbaseT, No special shielded CAT6, just simple CAT6 that goes back to the IDF. This makes it simple to retrofit a room that only has ethernet at the table. Give it PoE and you're in business. That's it! 


The Yealink CP960 Conference Phone runs on an Android-based OS and features Yealink Noise Proof technology, making sure everyone in the room is heard clearly. It comes preloaded with the Zoom Controller app and an all-in-one microphone, speaker, and console configuration. It’s five inch multi-touch screen eliminates the need for additional console devices and one cable technology simplifies the implementation process. Each conference phone includes a 24 foot (7.5 meter) CAT5 Network cable, two CPW90 wireless expansion microphones (optional), and a PoE adapter (optional)

The UVC80 is compatible with UVC 1.1 protocol. Each camera includes an eight foot (2.5 meter) USB cable, a power adapter, and a wall mount.

Yealink CP960-UVC80 Zoom Rooms Kit is an all-in-one bundle for professional video conferencing using Zoom. This Zoom Rooms Kit is intended for medium to large rooms like conference rooms, board rooms, and general purpose meeting rooms. It comes with a Yealink UVC80 camera, Yealink CP960 Zoom Edition conference phone, two Yealink CPW90 wireless expansion microphones, and a Yealink Mini-PC package with computer and cable management box.

The Yealink CP960 IP Conference Phone with intuitive touchscreen interface acts as the controller for your Zoom video conference. The Android-based conference phone integrates seamlessly with the Zoom Rooms app. It offers Optima HD audio with Noise Proof technology for clear communications without background distractions. The three-microphone array provides 360° pickup out to 20ft. For additional coverage without the clutter of cables, Yealink includes two CPW90 wireless microphones, pushing audio pickup much further.

The Yealink UVC80 camera takes 1080p Full HD video at 60fps for a lifelike picture quality. This professional video conferencing camera comes with full PTZ support: 12x optical zoom, 200° panning range, and 60° tilting range. It has a wide 78.5° field of view to cover the whole group balanced with 12x lossless zooming for picking out faces in the conversation.

Yealink includes a mini-PC to act as the control center for your Zoom video conference. This compact Windows 10 PC comes with the Zoom Rooms app and Yealink plug-in software already installed, streamlining the setup process. It has an Intel Core i7/i5 CPU and a super fast 128GB SSD hard drive for quick launching and excellent performance. The mini-PC also has two HDMI ports for dual display support.


  • 12X optical zoom USB PTZ camera
  • Up to 1080p at 60fps
  • Dual display support
  • Field of View 78.5° D
  • 200° Pan, 60° tilt
  • 5" 1280x720 capacitive touchscreen
  • Pickup Range: 20ft, 360°
  • Included PC to run Zoom
  • PoE Conference phone with remote mics (no external power required)
  • Zoom certified system
  • Everything needed out of the box, nothing else needed but a TV


  • Zoom - For Teams and Skype see Teams and Skype systems we carry

In the box

  • Yealink UVC80 12X optical USB PTZ camera
  • Yealink mini-PC Package (with 8th-gen INTEL Core™ i5 quad-core CPU, without cable management box)
  • Yealink CP960 Conference Phone
  • 2X CPW90 wireless expansion microphones
  • The mini-PC computer preloads Windows 10 OS and license, Zoom Rooms App, as well as Yeallink Plug-in.
  • 1-year hardware warranty
  • Power adapter

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Includes 1-year hardware warranty

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