About Us

AV Takeout provides the definitive collection of the very best in audio visual solutions.


Founded in 2014 by Lionel Felix, Mike Watts, Ben Lanclos, and Lindsey Rima, our founders set out to focus on creating an incredible customer experience never before seen in AV.

Our leadership team hails from enterprise global IT, military, and scientific optics – we know what it means when video conferencing doesn’t work, when TVs flicker, and when controls fail.

Over the years, we’ve created unique A/V solutions for firms of all sizes, and have installed systems all over the world.


Our exclusive focus for the last five years has been corporate conference rooms and we know this space better than anyone else. We were the first certified Zoom Integrator in Austin and we are well-steeped in video conferencing technology.

We quickly realized that our fast bidding, problem-solving skills, responsiveness, as well as, our bright and cheery dispositions had customers picking us and sticking with us.

In a few short years, we became one of the 18 fastest-growing AV companies in the US, an Inc 5000 company and the favorite audio/video solutions company for Austin companies, architects and general contractors.

The Birth of AV Takeout

As much as we would love to be able to personally transform every conference room into state-of-the-art teleconferencing centers, we know that many companies prefer to use their own team.

The question remains for these companies “where do I get the best equipment for our purposes?” AV Takeout was born to answer this question, as well as to answer your design and implementation questions.

AV Takeout is a curated collection of the best-of-breed AV technologies. Every item in our catalog has been selected by our team to provide the AV experience you want, coupled with reliability and the value you need.

Customer Service

We are not a box store or warehouse. We are not anonymously drop shipping products we have never even seen from Asia.

We are real people, in Austin, TX, not a call center in some unknown location. When you reach out to us for product selection assistance, or for help with your installation, you talk to a real human who will offer a real solution.

Our design installation experts can talk you through an install, and have intimate knowledge of the products and systems. These are people who have actually done it!

When you work with us, you know that the person on the other end of the phone is the most experienced and helpful individual you can find. We know what works and we know what won’t.

You want stuff that’s bomb-proof, marketing intern-proof, CEO-proof. You want a system that simply works at the touch of a button. Let us help you to get what you want.

We give it to you straight. We are the Special Forces of AV.

Here on our site, we offer up our best tools, installation guidance, and if you need it white glove delivery and installation services.

Are you still intimidated by the complexity of it all?

Let our team design and build your ideal conference room solution for you. Contact us for a quote.

AVTakeout is a part of Felix Media Solutions, a privately-owned company based in Austin, TX.

Customer Reviews

“When the time came to change our video conferencing system, we went through the normal process of asking AV vendors for recommendations. All vendors involved had a similar feel, meaning they came to the office 5 to 10 people strong in suits, showed us a long dull PowerPoint, and we ready to rubber stamp what ever we wanted. We never really got the impression any of the vendors cared about a solution that was right for us, or what happened once the job was done.

What we were looking for was a partner that would not only stand behind the solution and the install but support it after the work was all said and done. As we moved through the vendor elimination process, we finally came across one company that stood out, and that was FMS.

Their approach was more direct and informative than any we’d encountered. Unlike the other vendors that were prepared to execute purely on what we thought we wanted FMS made sure we were making the right decisions. FMS was the only company that made us feel the solution we were picking would be the right one for us, and that they would be there for its lifecycle of use. It’s a partnership we’ve enjoyed now for almost 7 years.

Partnering with FMS when the time came for us to build a new HQ here in Austin, we had no doubt they’d be the right company for the job. FMS installed 30 professional grade video conference systems, from our normal 5-person meeting rooms, to our large 30-person rooms, and even our 100-person training rooms. We were so impressed with how well they handled the installs we had them repeat it for our offices in San Francisco, New York, and London.”

Trey Linney / Bazaarvoice
August 18, 2019