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Av Takeout is a professionally curated collection of audio visual, A/V gear for teleconferencing in the corporate setting
AVTakeout Value Propositions AVTakeout Value Propositions AVTakeout Value Propositions
photo of Kris Monier

Lionel and his company are THE go-to folks for AV solutions in Austin. They've helped me with all my AV needs and showed me so many new ways to use my time and budget wisely. My goal is always to automate myself out of the job (IT Manager) and with their help I'm able to automate so many AV processes that used to be entirely manual. They've also showed me ways to make a great business case for all the stakeholders involved so I can pitch them expensive projects and show all the ways they benefit my company.

~ Kris Monier, Everlywell

photo of Todd Tebbe

In the world of commercial real estate project management, my corporate clients (office tenants) rely on me to make recommendations and referrals to the premier vendors, and when it comes to AV, I consistently turn to Felix Media Solutions as they deliver the highest quality, most reliable and most user friendly AV solutions to my clients.

~ Todd Tebbe, AQUILA Commercial

Felix Media Solutions helped us pick out the Crestron systems for our new offices. Our conference rooms are used all day, every day and they HAD to work. The products they sold us have been rock solid and we have a lot of happy employees!

~ Frank Schaefer, SXSW | Head of Facilities

Silicon Labs wanted something BIG. We delivered! 32’ wide and 9’ tall, the largest indoor TV in Austin is not only a screen for all-hands, it earns its keep as digital signage and for just watching some BIG-screen TV!